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Howard, my experience with my 400 and those of three of my friends are that there is No Change of the Exhaust valves, but some tightening of the intake valves at the 600 mile mark, but it is usually within tolerence...about .003 in...which is the minimum. Two of the 400's were not done till about 4000-6000 miles and were still about .002-003in.

At 12000 on one, and at 6000 on mine, the intake setting had not changed further. I don't plan on doing mine again till at least 12-16,000 miles.

I've read that some dealers claim that Suzuki says you can skip the 600 mile valve check, and some dealers have claimed to have done it and charged for it but it wasn't done. That was the case with two of my friends and from that point on we do our own work.

However, just for peace of mind, I would suggest that it be done within 600-1500 miles, then again about 6000 miles later. If that second check is still good, then you're set for a long time...whatever you are comfortable with.
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