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First ride of the year 35 F

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So just put the new battery in my Burgman400.
Of course had to take it out and get the fuel moving after a difficult time getting it running from over winter.
Temp gauge showed 35 on the way back. Was wearing insulated coveralls for the test flight. :)

Still waiting for that new CeeBailey's wind sheild.

Don M.
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I had a very nice ride in January here in Ontario - was lovely weather - 12 degree C then off to thin my blood in tropical Australia. DId a few of rides with one of the members on here and we actually started a small Mac biz between us.

Back this week and backed the Burgman out of the garage after starting it up ( instant - amazing not a hiccup ) - almost blipped the throttle having ridden two standard tranny bikes for the last 3 months. Caught it in time.hmmmmmmm no that is actual something I would not mind on this machine.

Gonna be nice these next 2 days - 17-18 C - mid 60s and sunny - it's 48 just now. Will layer up as not used to chillier weather as yet. :thumbup:


I love the 4 distinct seasons we get in Minnesota but geeze its been a long winter.
it wasn't very springlike here either - that will tend to be the pattern now the Arctic is warming.
It's all explained here - once the polar high splits in two - the continents get colder and the high pressures have been stalling ( think hurricane Sandy ) which means the cold air is not moved out so - no or low sun, clear high pressure air sitting around. = frigid.
And when you get a damp low hitting it....more intense snow storms.

good article ... rctic.html
Brits not very happy either.
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