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First real try...Manual

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Rather than just temporarily "goof/fiddle" with the manual mode, I decided to wait till I got used to the thing via normal and sport mode. Though I did check to see if it would work more than a thousand miles ago.

First time today, by myself, wide open road, nobody around (cept maybe a lurking FHP :wink: )

Results? Well, it was cool. Sort of.

I liked the way it wound up. That little twin under the hood sounds real good when it "comes on pipe", rather than just the old familiar methodical "drone" that it is designed to keep when you are just cruising.

I came to a posted stop on an open road north of here. 2pm, roads are very very light for traffic, plus I was as the cusp of the "sticks." Before I even got to that stop sign I was thinking to myself...self...why don't you give this tiptronic gig a workout? So I did.

Like I just said, it was cool, and getting all of the 639 cubic centimeter mice slapped into the run (MUSH!) mode was rewarding. First to second was pretty good (didn't over tach it) - shifted at about 6+ grand. Second bit pretty hard, yet, weirdly enough, sort of soft. I thought it would hit second like a 450 horse mustang with a C9 and a shift kit. Nope. Acted more like a powerglide chevy with a 283.

Went through 2 more gears (to 4th), and by that time I was going too **** fast for my liking (-rapidly approaching triple digits indicated). They (each gear I smacked) all hit with a bit of slippage that I could stand to do without. Especially if I am going through all of those motions. It felt like I was just wearing the clutch band out for no real reason other than to hear the Moon wind out a lil bit - which was, more that the perceived performance impact - the coolest thing. She sure has a nice little motor with a lot of heart. The "grab" of each gear in manual mode is sort of lame/slush-pumpy but, hey, at heart it's a CVT right!?

All said and done (for now :twisted: ) - I can see why this thing could shame a lot of "performance bikes" - but hey - that's not what it's all about in my book.

"Speak softly and carry a big stick."

Well put indeed.

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I tried to get a better mileage in using Manual mode especially when cruising up to 80 km/h by shifting up as fast as the electronics would let me. So I got for example at 50 km/h in 5th around 2000 rpm's versus around 3000 in Normal.
When accelerating I tried to keep in highest "gear" and just gradually gained speed as if I stayed in the same gear without downshifting on an ordinary manual tranny. I noticed more vibrations because obviously the engine was not turning at suitable speed though.
I did this during two full gas tanks to compare influence of manual ("best economy") and normal ("best comfort").
The result was not what I expected: There was absolutely no difference in mileage between the two modes. I thought that lower revolutions would certainly result in less fuel consumption.
Ever since I have rarely used manual (only when going really slow in heavy traffic to keep the rev's low rather than having almost 3000 on the tach at 20 km/h)
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