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I picked up my Corbin seat today with driver's backrest and installed it today.

i am 6 feet tall, 185 lbs, 32 inch inseam and wear shirts with a 34-35 inch sleeve.

The seat came in a huge box and was very well packed. I inspected the seat and all was well. No flaws and all parts in the box.

I had both the Corbin and stock seat sitting side by side and upside down. My stepson came over and thought the stocker was the new seat. The quality of the stock shell is better.

Installaion was straight forward with no problems. Everything lined up fine and no problems with closing the seat. Also the stock support rod had no problem keeping the seat up. I used the 1.25 inch bolt in the backrest.

IT FEELS DIFFERENT. Weird. I believe I'll get used to it. It is hard.

Now the analysis. I cannot flatfoot sitting all the way back on the seat. I can moving forward in the seat. Sitting all the way back I tilt the bike slightly and put down one foot. works well.

You do sit taller. I felt no increase in buffeting with the GIVI screen. I can move forward in the seat, slouch down and put pressure on the backrest. This eliminates all buffeting at highway speeds.

The legroom is amazing. I can straighten out my legs. With the backrest adjustment, my arms are almost straight and slightly bent.

If you have my physical dimensions or are larger, this model of the seat is for you. If you are shorter, buy the close version of the seat.

I'll keep you all im=nformed as I put the miles on it.

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Rode my VStrom with its Corbin seat this morning. I've got about 4000 miles on that seat now. Yes they are very firm - but also very comfortable, particularly on longer rides. The seat does not progressively grow uncomfortable as you roll up the miles, like many softer seats do.

On my VStrom, I can get one foot flat on the ground, and the toes (ball) of the other foot down. This hasn't been a problem at all. And the V-Strom is more top heavy than the scooter - gas tank and engine are both higher.

I think you are going to like the seat a lot after you get used to it. I'm hoping to be able to afford one for the Burgman next year.
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