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First Day on my new black 04 650!

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Well the weather held up last night so I was able to pick up my Burgy. Road for about an hour and a half till I felt the first drops. Scooted home, threw on the cover and floated into the house.

This morning pulled off the cover. Hoped on, warmed up and made it to work 20 minutes faster than usual, and I was on surface streets the entire way.

That was two hours ago and I still feel the happy buzz. I friggin' love riding this thing! Now if I can just make it to the lunch hour...

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:lol: :lol:
congratulations johnny death

see you soon on the streets of montclair...
Re: congratulations johnny death

joezeff said:
see you soon on the streets of montclair...
if the weather holds up... perhaps I can even cruise by Watchung Plaza!

Look forward to taking a ride with you soon!

If you can catch me on my Atlantic 500, that is :twisted:

What a nice day. I'm cutting it short and going for a ride now.

Glad to hear you like the 650 so much. Congrats again!!!
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