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Allwalk, how in god's name di you manage to get 16000kms out of your stock tyres? I could only got 8500kms before it started to feel like a workout turning the thing through the numerous winding roads here due to the flat spot in the centre of the rear tyre. No doubt, you ride solo and don't carry much luggage..?

4 degrees C in October? That sounds a bit chilly. It's 26 degrees C here. 8)

I took the girlfriend out for her first touring on her new bike last Saturday - I took the 1100 naked, and she took the VTR (looks like a Ducati Monster). Very impressed with her confidence on the mountain roads, which is testimony to the value of the depth of preparation of the Japanese training system. By the end of the day, she was accelerating so hard from traffic lights that I had to go through the gears clutches in the low/mid range to stay with her. Considering that my 1100 has 143bhp at the rear tyre, and her VTR has somelike 31bhp at the road, this is saying something. 27 degrees, dark visor, smiles, and losts of fun.

We'll be doing it in tandem next time on the 650. The best of both worlds.
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