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For me , sat was our 2nd cold ride. The first was 2 weeks ago on our road trip north. Yesterday was or 2nd. Starting out at 11:30 , we went on another "ABATE" poker run with our son and about 50 others. Included were 2 sportbikes, 1 newer Beemer, 1 Goldwing, 1 Burgman 650 and about 45 Harleys.
The temps were about 50 and sunny, with winds @15mph from the south. The worst part is stopping, 5 stops for 10-15 min. in 4 hrs. There was only 1 person with heated gear, and he was given crap about it, but in a friendly way. One woman wore 2 Leather jackets. We had sweat pants on under our jeans, and sweatshirts under our leathers.
We bonded well with everone, now having 2 things in common, bikes and the cold. Like pauljo's area we are expecting warmer weather next week. Just in time for the fall colors. Last year we put the bike to bed @ about 20 degrees. There's maybe 6 weeks left of riding left "sigh".
Till then, enjoy.
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