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Hi All,
So, I’ve just completed my first 1000miles on my restored AN400 K3 and I just thought I’d share my experiences to date.
(See viewtopic.php?f=3&t=60036 re my restoration project)

First of all it’s going really well and despite the cold weather here at the moment I’m managing to use the bike quite a lot for my daily work commute. Nothing has fallen off or come loose after the extensive rebuild.

I’ve since fitted a Laminar Lip to the screen as I found the wind noise on my flip up helmet to be excessive (for me). This improved things a lot for speeds up to 50mph however above that I experience quite a bit of buffeting, even on the calm days. I opted to bolt the lip to the screen as the adhesive fixings were a bit to near the edge in my case. I think that the European machines may have a slightly narrower stock screen. At least now I can just about hear the engine which is nice. Speaking of the engine, I’m amazed at how smooth and quiet the bike is with little or no vibration felt in the handlebars or evident in the mirrors. I do however experience some shuddering type vibration when moving in traffic at low revs. It’s not excessive and goes away once above 20mph or so. I guess it’s the drive train operating in a low rev/high gear ratio type thing. Sometimes I wish I could just drop a gear and up the revs like I could do on my previous bikes.

My gas seat spring also failed and I was able to source a replacement online from a gas spring supplier in the UK once I selected the measurements etc. I opted to go for a 100 Newton (force) one as opposed to the 90 which was written on the standard one. The result now is that the seat automatically opens once the latch is activated. For some reason I always smile and have thoughts of a jet fighter when doing this (sad I know). Speaking of seat, I must say that I find it very comfortable and also like the feet forward riding position. That ache I used to get in my middle back on my previous machines doesn’t happen on the Burgman.
Fuel consumption is mixed in so far as on long country road trips I’m getting a 75mpg (UK gallon) return where as it drops to the mid 50s during start stop city driving.
So in summary all good so far, I got quite used to the riding the machine now and I look forward to putting up more mileage as the summer approaches.
All the best
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