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BurgmanFran said:
I do however experience some shuddering type vibration when moving in traffic at low revs. It’s not excessive and goes away once above 20mph or so. I guess it’s the drive train operating in a low rev/high gear ratio type thing.Fran
The shudder is the clutch, as the clutch shoes slip on the bell. As the engine rpm's/belt/clutch speed increase (all directly related), the clutch shoes are thrown out by centrifugal force and contact but initially slip on, the clutch bell. As the bell/rear wheel turns (these too, directly related), so moves the bike. At around 20 mph the shoes and bell are fully engaged without slippage. It is during partial engagement of the clutch that a chatter or shudder sometimes occur.

Sorry if you already know this since you have been through the big rebuild but, your understanding of the mechanism seemed a little vague and I though this could bring enlightenment :)
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