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OK, heres a scary that we are aware of the manual
error (see below), what if:
A Burgman 400 owner takes his scoot in for the 7500 mile
service. The service tech is a newbie so has to pull out
the service manual and follow it letter by letter. He
then drains the final gear assembly and then replaces that
oil with 10w40 instead of the required 90w since that is
what is dictated by the manual. Not only would that be
harmful to the scoot, it could be very dangerous for the
driver, depending on how it broke when he was riding it ??
Be aware....

--- In [email protected], "Gib McKain"
<[email protected]> wrote:
> Tony,
> The error in the manual is that on page 2-15, after correctly
> instructing on how to check/change the engine oil and to
> use 10w40 oil, it THEN mistakenly shows the picture of the Final
Gear unit which is on the left side of the rear wheel
> where the clutch is at, but calls that the transmission and
> says to use 10w40 oil in that unit also when changing or adding to
> It should have labeled this unit the Final Gear assembly
> and instructed us to use the 90w Hypoid gear oil there.
> The bottom line: ...the engine and transmission are together
> and use 10w40 oil there.....the rear
> assembly is the final gear and use the
> 90w hypoid gear oil there.
> I believe very strongly that this is correct. IF NOT, don't
> hesitate to correct me. If you are still not sure, then
> when you are in to the Final Gear assembly, let a little
> leak out and see, hypoid gear oil is much thicker and
> usually much darker than motor oil.
> Gib McKain

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Phew you had me thinking. I just read the 650 service manual and it is correct , even in its pictures. What I would do if I were a 400 owner and I was taking my machine in for service is, I would ask the service dept if they were familiar with the service manual error in regards to this service. That way you could go from there depending on there answer. If they insist that theres no error then I would pull my machine and head else where. Or ask to see if they have an updated manual? Tell them the version you have has errors in it in regards to component identification.
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