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This is sort of a follow up on an old topic (When I removed CVT Cover the first time at around 5200 miles for an inspection -- after I bought the 2011 Burgman 400 used with 5100 miles in DEC of 2013). All the original problems and my screw ups are documented on this Forum.

Anyway, removal of the cover went a lot smoother this time as I was able to just pull the cover off with some vigorous shaking and jiggling using the air outlets and intake for hand holds. Reckon the previous removal and generous lubrication of the shaft and case bearing interface made a difference.

10250 Mile CVT Cover Removal primarily to change the Final Drive Oil (you have to take the cover off to get to the fill /level hole on the final drive -- Lousy Design).

While I had it a part, I did a CVT Filter Wash, Belt Measurement and visual inspection, a limited Clutch Pad inspection using mirror, Case Bearing check by rotating it, and Final Drive Oil Change).

By the way -- I did not take plastic all the way off, just enough to get it out of the way.

CVT Case Cover came off a lot easier this time (I was able to just shake it loose using the air outlet and air inlet as hand hold. I plan to lubricate the shaft that goes into the case bearing again (Wish I had some Anti Seize on hand).

Note: Painter Tape Gasket (blue) installed at 5200 miles inspection is OK with some dirty look on front end (left end in picture). Maybe a bit of leak there, or wear from the belt slung into the groove. Inside of the CVT was clean, there was some black looking particles (I assume belt wear) in the area of the case bearing (apparetly collected on the greese I put on that area when I had it apart the last time). I plan to replace only the portion that needs it (maybe double thickness on the front end).

Belt looks good to me (Measured 26.05MM - reading from 25.99 to 26.10). Accuracy is questionable as very hard to get micrometer in there (only fits two places and hard to make sure you have it straight). I think 26.05MM +/- 05MM.

Clutch Pads appear in good shape as far as you can see with a mirror. I took one picture with just a trouble light on the area and next with a flash from the Smartphone Camera.

Final Drive oil was very dirty. I ran some fresh oil thru to wash it out before refilling. It only holds 80ML

CVT FILTER - first wash (10240) since new. I did brush it out and blow it off some when I took the CVT case off for a look at 5200 miles. I washed it this time with warm water and hand soap (it was pretty dirty water when I finished). I then rinsed it thoroughly under a good faucet flow in reverse of air flow direction (use hands and fingers to support the foam so it does not tear) Let it dry thoroughly before installing.


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