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Review of Fehling Sissybar w/ Pad & Carrier

Order Part#: 7830 RG SU AN 650 Burgman
eMail: [email protected]

Fehling is a German company making motorcycle accessories. Among the many of their products is a passgenger backrest, luggage rack, sissybar combo for the Burgman 650.

Contact via email: 7. Given that this is a German company and, assuming they have to dig up someone who can speak English, eMails were answered in a timely manner... at least from my perspective. 'Timely', in this case, was about a week or less. My eMail simply asked the price and availability of this part#. Their response email informed me of the price and that another email would be forthcoming when they'd have it ready for shipping to the U.S and what my payment options would be. That email came within 10 days. Payment options were all in German currency, but payment via PayPal was able to convert my US dollars into their currency with no problem (came to about $174 USD... delivered). NOTE: The U.S. Dollar fluctuates against other currencies on a daily basis, so you might be paying more or less!

Price: 9. Considering the price that Suzuki wants for just a luggage rack or just a passenger seat, this is a bargain!

Delivery: 8. Considering again that this is coming from Germany, delivery was 20 days from the day I sent payment via PayPal.

Installation: [no rating]. I can't rate installation because I'm not mechanically inclined, so I had my motorcycle mechanic install it.

Comfort: 9. This of course is subject to individual opinion, but the comments from passengers so far is that its comfortable.

Looks/Appearance: 10. Changes the entire appearance of the bike! The chrome really makes it! Makes the bike look more elegant and somehow makes it look bigger (to me). Makes the stock 650 look so much nicer! The picture in the link at the beginning of this post does it absolutely no justice.

Issues: [no rating] Be careful when purchasing an add-on sissybar bag. Some will fit, others won't.

Overal Rating: 10. This, by far, is perhaps the best add-on I've ever purchased for the Burgman 650.

Recommend to others: 10. Would recommend with no hesitation, unless you're considering adding something like a Givi Top Box (can't do both).
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