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I think that bbq could be done under the seat! Nice idea!

Satellite TV, only if it's a self tracking dish. That way, we'd have uninterrupted tv across the continent!

I still want the A/C, although the powers that be appear to not agree with me. :lol:

Electronic dimming mirrors W/electronic adjustments

Heated seats and handlebars

Built in Birds-Eye 3D GPS ala Infiniti style.

Keyless Start ala Lexus style.

Reverse Gear

Electric adjustable windshield

Electronic cruise control

Built in AM/FM/CD/MP3/Sirius/Intercom/Phone/Aviation Scanner

Trip computer with compass and temp

Small fridge to keep drinks cold

At least 4 cup holders

Tire pressure gauge

Pump for both shocks and tires


A Pear tree (Need something to put my Partridge in)

Automatic Center stand

Bigger Gas Tank

Cancelling Turn Signals

They could build this thing up to compete directly with the Goldwing, and I'd buy it at $20,000

Of course, they won't, so Honda is going to get my money next time around. I made the mistake of sitting on a Goldwing the other day. Now I want one.

Don't get me wrong, I love my Burgman! Just got back from a 5 hour scoot, I was riding with a guy with a ST1300 (Honda type bike) he was gettin' pretty jealous as I had an automatic, and he had to keep shifting. I was jealous cause he had the electric windshield adjustment, trip computer, and temp gauge! (Although I didn't tell him I was.) Kept up with him no problem, and he was real impressed by the end of the ride. :)

209 Posts
If they just built the burgman like this, I could have all that stuff, including the A/C and eat my cake all at the same time. :)

Ok, if you're interested, that's the BMW C1 built back in 1980 (Concept only, never produced) The back tires stayed put, the front part leaned left and right. :)
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