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The folks at Bestem have gone through great pains to create a universal support/mounting plate that would work equally for either the Burgman 650 or the 400 with both of their top boxes, the 2012 and the 929.

A support plate is an essential piece of equipment to properly install the base plate for a top box.

The support / mounting plate attaches to the frame on the scoot and then the base plate connects to the support plate for super steady platform.

If you not a DIYer, the Bestem offering is a very good value as it includes the support / mounting plate and all the necessary hardware for mounting it.

The current production model requires that one drills two additional holes for the 2012 base plate. The 929 fits as it should.

I put together a quick DIY for those that may be interested in the product:

Farkle - Bestem Mounting Plate

Burgman 650 owners will have to cut their own frame spacers as the ones that are currently provided by Bestem were cut for the 400.

I would recommend the following spacer heights for the 650:

Two rear.......: 1 5/8 inches each
Single front...: 2 1/4 inches

A few pics as usual with a lot more in the doc. Will add a video soon:

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