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Factors affecting tire wear

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I'm a bit miffed that I need to replace my 650s OEM rear tire at 5500 miles. Then I thought about how I clocked the miles - 85% were 2-Up touring, with luggage under the seat and in soft-sided saddlebags. Of these miles, 80% were on secondary roads (many miles of less-than-pristine pavement, bumps and patches); lots of curves and twisties; Sierra foothills and passes (serious climbing/descending, tight hairpins). So I'm thinking, with the added weight (about 320 lbs. 2 riders + luggage), the weight distribution (50% of it behind me), and more abrasive pavement, 5500 is probably not too bad.

Can someone with a similar riding profile give me a sanity check?

I happen to like the OEM's (but have never ridden on another tire), but Is there a tire out there that can give better mileage?
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got 11 000 miles on my OEM rear tire. Use the proper air pressure and I,m more a light welterweight kind of guy. My riding is on straigth line without a too much acceleration/deceleration and braking. I dont' speed above 70 mph. All this help me to achieve the most mileage from my rear tire.

Remember, this is not a car tire and on some other bike, 5-8 000 miles is the max you can get from your rear tire.
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