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Let’s face it. We all love our internal combustion engines. Nothing else like the roar of controlled gaseous explosions from an enclosed area. Like fireworks. Unfortunately, reciprocating motion with linear volume adjustments isn’t a low energy loss method. Electric motors being pure rotary, with efforts to minimize surface windage, with low loss conductors, make it superior..
I’m guessing, well past our lifetimes, society will have given up the last ICE in favor of battery vehicles .. Once society accepts electrification, comes the next stage…battery independence. This will be where true environment advancement comes. You’ll gain environmental pluses by eliminating batteries, but your vehicle will be restricted to predestined pathways of electrification.
I could adapt to walking out to the garage, getting in my vehicle, close the door and push the button.

The 'Mag-Lift' system suspends the car and guides it out to the street where it zippers into the flow of traffic.

No one rushing to block me, no tailgating, no honking.

It follows the set path to where I set on the map, I get out and it self parks.

When done I push the call button and it unparks and pulls up for me to get in and goes to the next point.

yup....ref Tim Wilson Jetpack. (didn't link as the lyrics are NSFW...or Gen Dis section)
1 - 5 of 95 Posts