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As I go about the process of fine tuning the ergonomics on my 2013 Burgman 650 to better fit my morphology, I am waiting to put on a few thousand miles to see if/how the seat breaks in, but my butt's jury is still out.
The bars now fit me much better after rotating them back. You can do this to fine-tune them by removing the push pins on either side of the plastic covers, removing the covers and loosening the hex head securing bolts just enough to allow the bars to be moved up or down to suit your best riding position. This does not make a huge difference, but does allow a small range of adjustment that may be just enough for you to be comfortable without resorting to riser and/or bar-back devices. Don't forget to retighten them.
I also added some SAENG micro-swirl edging to the windshield.....has some that has been laying around for several years. It also provides a slight smoothing effect to the airflow off the windscreen.
Three-hundred mile non-stop-except-for-fuel ride on Saturday was OK, but the seat is still not as good as it needs to be........

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