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Good day gentlemen, i feel a lettel bit slipping when I advance power on my burgman 650 , I can’t determine is it from the cvt or the clutch, it happens only when I advance power on low speed only, but after reaching 60km/h accelerate normally even on climbing hills up to 100km/h
i just changed the complete CVT component , spark plugs 🔌 Coolant and oil and i did about 2000 km only after the maintenance
i am thinking to change the oil type from 10w40 to 20w50 JASO MA to solve this problem , is it good or bad for the wet clutch.?
specially i am living at a pretty hot weather
also very strange to hear engine knocking in-spite of using high octane fuel 95 octane ,
by-the way my burgman is model 2004 but in a very good condition and i love it so much thats why i paid like 1500 $ to fix it
appreciate your suggestions.
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