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engine is a berry berry good thing :wink:

it did save my butt when i was asleep (uh... "at peace"...) at the switch. :oops: - (when I was new-ish to da pie...)

the "delicate touch" (i.e. the decelleration factor that chiefie referred to) biological "sensors" wear off after some miles though, and then you dont really notice it (sort of) and start to get used to it. But man, this thing is heavy, and, when all of a sudden, while you least expect it, the light turns red, you have to know how to grab a fist full of them brakes (uh - plural - "fists").

I had to stop 3 times hard today - hard. I said to meself....self, this is a huge scoot! :twisted:

The other 40+ stops were uneventful.

I like it - I like it - I like it! :)