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Gidday Scott1160

I'm a kiwi over in mainland China.
I just had a quick look on China's equivalent to eBay here, and I can source "Skywave" in either the chrome or gold finish that would go under the seat, and the "S" for Suzuki that would stick at the bottom of the screen on the screen plastic cover. The price is about US$15. I could help buying them for you, then shipping them either by registered China post or airmail. The registered post might cost more than the items themselves, but unsure. I just sent a OEM Jetmax luggage rack and pillion grab rails to Russia from here and used China International post, as I can source a lot of items for bikers especially Chinese manufactured items for the likes of CFMoto (I have 3 of their models). Have sent other items to Turkey, UK, Egypt, though all items have been big and bulky. On the box that went to Russia, China International Post were the cheapest for a one off item, as it's not a country where people send a lot of stuff too from here, well not to the same extent as between China and most other places it seems. We had to send the item to a logistics company in Shanghai who then sent it from there.

It's just an idea, to help another biker out, as I'm very active on multiple motorcycling sites, and many others, I get the odd request from time to time, though it's not my business... I work in medicine and healthcare. I use Paypal if that helps.

BTW, there are no "BURGMAN" emblems only "SKYWAVE" and some are inclusive of "SKYWAVE 650" depending on the seller.

Have you checked on eBay?
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