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i am attempting to add a cool hitch cover with running light, brake light and turn signal light .

i hooked up the day light and brake light from the connection to the brake light and they work great. however i am attempting to hook up
the turn signal light up and i am not getting anything. my tester when
grounded blinks when the signal is on. the hitch light does not.

the hitch comes with a ground , day light and left and right brake and signal light on on wire. 4 wires that is.

i grounded the hitch light wire, ran the day light and the brake light however
i am having problem with the signal light hook up.
any help would be appreciated.

thank you very much.
when it is hooked up i will post a pic.

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I'm no electrician but I can do some fairly easy wiring. Looking at the shematics in the back of the service manual there are 4 wires used for the tail light assembly. Just so I don't miss anything and not sure what you need I will try and be thorough.

The three common wires to both sides are:
Black/white tracer
White /black tracer
Right turn light is Light Green
Left turn light is Black

If I'm reading the schematics right The left turn signal is controlled with the Black and Black/white tracer

The right signal light is Black/white tracer and light green wire.

Hope this helps . I'm not really sure what you are looking for. Just thought I would try.
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