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electric clothing

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I intend to purchase some electric clothing and am wondering what other members experiences have been. This clothing will be used on a 650 Burgman. Seems there are two major manufactures. Gerbing and Widder. Any comments or suggestions about either products will be appreciated.

Patrick J. Markham
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I own a Gerbing's Jacket liner and gloves, with a variable controller. Not only am I happy, but everything I've ever seen or heard about Gerbing's stuff is also good.

You will _want_ a variable controller. The on-off switch is not a viable option. I've met serious long-distance riders who claim that a dual controller is the only way to go, as on long trips you want the gloves warmer than anything else. I've also seen where some folks claim that a dual controller is good in case one side should fail; then the other half can get you home. Though I've been happy so far with a single temperature setting, I really wish I'd gone with a dual for backup purposes.

WIth my gloves and jacket liner, Knee-Neck chap-wraps, a standard cycle jacket, a full-face helmet and a chemical foot-warmer in each shoe, I'm good down to about 35 degrees.
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I've had both brands and prefer the Gerbings. My Widder vest did it's job but it felt bulky and the Widder connections came loose several times.
I now have the Gerbings Union Ridge jacket and gloves with the dual electronic control that lets you adjust the heat in the jacket and gloves separately and it works great. I recently bought Gerbing's new Dalby Creek jacket because it a little lighter in weight and should be more comfortable to wear in the spring and fall.
I used Widder for years. The main problem was with their wire connectors. Trying to reconnect one that had pulled off of the wire in freezing temps was no fun - and it always happened sooner or later. I think they have an improved connector now, but I went with Gerbing this time around. I am totally happy with the Gerbing gear, and recommend it. I have both the jacket liner (heated sleeves are great), and gloves. I've looked at their heated pants, and might get them eventually. You definitely do want a thermostat controller. I just have a single controller right now, but if I add the pants I think I'll get a dual controller.
I have a Gerbing jacket liner, glove liners, and dual varible controller. From my limited experience with them, I would agree with Lapine Rider and Paul's positive comments. I would add that the company is "very" customer friendly and helpful.

The dual varible controller is very nice. Gerbing recommends the jacket liner to be slug fitting to work best, I would agree.
I have a Widder high-neck waistcoat with arm chaps and have lavished praise on it on many an occasion. :) It's very effective and the arm chaps have proved to be equally efficient additions which I would heartily recommend. Everything works off a single plug, and I'm happy with that.

The only problem I have experienced was with the thermostat switch which just stopped working one day for no obvious reason. I'm more than happy to regulate the heat by using the ON/OFF switch, though, so have never even bothered to try to fix the thermo switch.

[An observation: how refreshingly 'adult' it is to be able to discuss heated clothing without name-calling and monominds heckling insults from the sidelines (as has recently been witnessed on another un-named 'enthusiasts' site). In some parts, it's clearly not the done thing to take such steps to increase creature comforts (to say nothing of personal safety) in this way; unless the riding experience hurts in some way, some folk don't feel satisfied. Go figure. :? ]
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Gail and I have the Widder hi-neck vests and they work extremely well. Have just the on off switch and would recommend the thermostat, as there are riding conditions where the on/off set up gets too warm, and fiddling the switch with gloves on is not the easiest.

Quite happy to be "insulted" over using electric clothing. You can either by "b****y warm" or a "b****y wimp". I know which one I am.

Electric clothing

Gerbing jacket liner, gloves, and socks. Dual controller. In cool weather I’m like Carl Mauldin used to be: “I won’t leave home without them”. I’m either wearing them when I leave or carry them under the seat. I wear a leather jacket over the liner. Since the Burgman has decent wind protection for the legs I just wear a pair of leather pants over my jeans. If it’s cold weather, I will wear a pair of insulated underwear under the jeans.
Thanks to all for your replies. You have helped me make up my mind.

Patrick J. Markham
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