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Dr Pulley question plus driving observations

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So am now up to 9100 miles.. rear tyre is flattening out. Seems reasonable mileage, will change at 10,000 which is pretty good for any bike tyre. May as well opt for the same or michelin if in the price range - its just a workhorse, dont need anything too low-end, or anything too sporty. Sport-touring if you will, with good slow wear rate.

Anyways, I got my Dr. Pulley sliders through - 20g weights. Anyone run these, what mpg do you get and what rpm do you have at 7000?

On the standard set up, I pretty much run equal mph and rpm from about 45-50mph. Probably because I am over 200lbs.. I never seem to get much more than about 56mpg with my AN266 Givi fully extended - worse than that in Winter it seems.

I got the 20g weights as I was looking to increase my mpg a fair bit (I am not looking for pay back on fuel savings right away!) but more for the lowered screaming of the engine at highway (highway plus ahem...) speeds and more settled drivetrain response.

additional question other than to those who also have 20g weights - does this give a higher top speed? I am not sure I want to explore that...

Why? things I notice riding the bike hard - torsionally it is not very stiff. It corkscrews a fair bit and the forks also have a bit of slop and wander - amplified when the frame is bucking and weaving at high cornering speeds on a bumpy highway.

Not enough to warrant a steering damper, but enough to notice the limitations of the materials and design - yeah, its just a scooter.. so long as it is steel and this flexing does not fatigue it beyond design basis too quickly then whatever, really..
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When I ordered my Dr Pulley sliders from
I had ordered the 20g weights.
They sent me an email saying that those were
the same weight as stock rollers, but based on
their experience, they thought that I would be
more satisfied with 19g I went
with their recommendation.
The listing for Dr Pulley products is in the left
column on their website...look for the 26 X 13 size.
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