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I have an "extra" Dr. Pulley HiT clutch, 261302, for sale. joes4570 was good enough to donate it to me to

  1. Ensure it works as it should and
  2. Donate the proceeds to a charity of my choice.
I suspect I'll donate the proceeds to the Everett Gospel Mission. They provide meals and lodging for homeless men, women and children in the Everett, WA area.

I'm asking $289, but I am willing to take reasonable offers. The price includes shipping to you in the continental USA. The new price is $370 from Buggy Parts Northwest.

You can look back on my previous posts to see pictures of what they look like as they wear. The HiT clutch has a locking mechanism that eliminates slippage. What I've found with my own HiT clutch is (a) it doesn't slip when trying to accelerate, and (b) it doesn't wear much at all. With the little bit mine is wearing, I think it will last till 100,000 miles or the life of my 400.

Obviously, I can't make any guarantees on joes4570's HiT clutch since I have no control over the installation or use, but I have installed it on my own 400 and I know that it works. I would be willing to use it with no qualms at all.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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