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Downsized from 650 to a 400. My take on it !

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Well I did it. After much debating with this decision,I decieded to trade in my 09 650 for a 09 400. I bought my 650 just last fall and I must say it was trouble free and more power than someone like me really needs. Why ? I'm a bit of a worry wart and just could not get past the things I had read about the cvt "potencial" problems. That put aside, The 650 is a real Cadilac when it comes to bikes . Anyone that likes get up an go will have to agree, it's a rocket. Comfort is great and had no problems riding for hours very relaxed. Gas milage could have been a bit better but maybe I had a little to do with it as I have a strong right hand twist. A problem I did have is moving it around in a dirt driveway where I live, was a bear. Now for some ,this is no big deal, but i'm 165lbs after dieting and 64 years old so it's a big deal for me. I took the 650 with 13k miles back to the dealer I bought it from ,explained my problem and what I had in mind. The dealer did an even swap for the 09 400 with 2k miles. Yes I lost some by NADA prices but was happy with the deal just the same. Now, the 400 does not have the same power as the 650 but still plenty for someone like me. I find I can easily move it around in the yard as the weight is much more manageable. Comfort is about the same. Gas milage is a little better. One of the things I was really interested in finding out was hiway use. First short trip from central Maine down to Portland Me, about 90 miles of interstate at 75-80mph indicated on the speedo, Was great. I'm used to traveling hiways so feel I can say the bike seemed very stable even passing big trucks. I planning a trip in 3 weeks out to West Point NY about 400 miles and most of it is interstate. I know several have made much longer trips than this ,so I have no worries that the bike will do very well. Any ,this is my take on the 400 at this point and will plan to follow this up after my trip. Ernie.
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v8eyedoc said:
Ernie M said:
Ever try pushing a 650 around a dirt driveway with out it running ? Can you say, "Anchor" 400 was a big downsize in that respect ! Ernie
pretty much the same even with a 400............!!!!!!!!!! :thumbup: :thumbup:
Not even close. :wink:
Gr8ful said:
I have a 400 in my possession as a friend had me keep it in my garage. Compared to the 650 it is much easier to move around and is still comfortable riding. Around town is perfect for this machine but at hi way speeds the little 400 engine is working pretty hard. At 65-70 mph the RPMs are way up around 6 k. That is a little to high for me, I like the engine a little more relaxed. I do like the 650's extra throttle response also. The 400 analog Gage's are better than the 650 digital in MHO.(corrected on the 13s)
The 650 feels like the 400 on steroids.
Glad the 400 fits you well.
I think you might be overly concerned about the high engine speeds. Keep in mind that the same company makes engines for the 600cc range of motorcycles that turn 14,000 RPMs without a problem. I ride my 400 on the interstate and the RPMs frequently reach 7,000 or more at interstate or higher speeds and it is none the worst for wear and still gets 60+ MPG (high 60s running around 60).
1 - 2 of 34 Posts
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