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Does the Most Expensive Really Help?

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I have been following the struggles of Kenny Anderson age 12 a youth track racer that lost his life yesterday a week after an off on the last lap as he was going for the lead.
He had set the track record for the track on his 250 earlier in the day. He had all the protective equipment including an Arai helmet. Well the helmet cracked and the brain damage was sadly the deal breaker for him.
I wonder if a more flexible helmet would have performed different ie. DOT vs. Snell scenario?

Here is a Video tribute to Kenny "Iceman" Anderson #112 racing his ninja at another race.
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DandyDoug said:
I had a get off at Pocono on my TZ250 in an AMA event one year.
It was my first real fast crash ( well it was fast to me anyway) :shock:
In novice school they told us to try and not tumble just slide it out. They did not tell us how fast leather gloves can wear through or how hot it gets from the friction :eek:

I slid a ways and stopped suddenly head first in to a bit of a wall just past the last hay bale. Rung my bell pretty loud, was out for a while they tell me. The AMA confiscated my brand new Bell Star helmet . Really made me mad because it was brand new.
They sent it to Bell and a few weeks later I got a new one in the mail from Bell with a note thanking me for the used up product , a smiley face note that said "It Worked" was attached . :D

I tried to ride in the dirt a bit , but fell so much i got fed up and stayed on asphalt.
Well except for my one and only flat track adventure, some girl bumped me off and then proceeded to run over me . :roll:
My advice is to stick with your Burgman 650........................AND.............. avoid girls - at all costs...!!!! :lol:
Ralph M said:
I always try helmets on, it's surprising how some makes fit some people better,
wont buy a poorly fitting helmet no matter who made it.
Sorta like buying pants that don't fit...........!!!!!! Or shoes, for that matter!
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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