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Does the Most Expensive Really Help?

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I have been following the struggles of Kenny Anderson age 12 a youth track racer that lost his life yesterday a week after an off on the last lap as he was going for the lead.
He had set the track record for the track on his 250 earlier in the day. He had all the protective equipment including an Arai helmet. Well the helmet cracked and the brain damage was sadly the deal breaker for him.
I wonder if a more flexible helmet would have performed different ie. DOT vs. Snell scenario?

Here is a Video tribute to Kenny "Iceman" Anderson #112 racing his ninja at another race.
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I never raced on asphalt but I was on a MX team and raced for 5 years during my high school days.
I too crashed Plenty but it was at lower speeds on dirt or should I say Georgia red clay (hard as the bricks made from it). Usually it was from getting bumped by other racers. The one thing I noticed is the visor/bill on the MX helmets offer great shock absorption when face planting but hit the back of the helmet on the ground and it HURT a lot more and I saw stars every time.
Flexible visor/bill vs. solid stiff back of helmet.....who knows :roll:
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