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Note - Discussion relating to the post "Head up display - not quite!" in the Suzuki Feedback forum moved by moderator.

Great idea.

Your heads-up fibre (fiber-u.s.) optic TS reminder could be routed from the TS lenses on the front of the bike too.
Drilling a small hole into the backside of the lense reflector to insert the fibre
optic end would keep the optic cable hidden inside the Burgy. Use sealant to plug the holes
after installing the fibre optic.
Use an extra length/loop of fibre optic to unravel if the front of the bike gets disassembled for other reasons.

The Denso speedometer/instrument assembly is sealed in most places except where its female AMP connector is, in front of the harness rubber dust cover.
I've mostly kept out of my instrument assembly because it is only available complete for about $400 US.
If you want in it, its easily opened by plastic snaps and small screws.

Be careful of mis-aligned grommets/o-rings that must be placed back onto a plastic piece when mating them back together.
Buttons tend to fall out unless the particular plastic piece is removed/installed upside down.
Be careful of any screws that don't appear the same length as others because they must go back into the same hole.
An empty egg carton is useful for keeping screws separated after disassembly.

When I owned my AN650, it appeared to have dust buildup on the bottom mode lenses so I took it apart just that once to clean everything.

Do not use cleaning solutions on the show-through lenses because they have soft paint borders that will wash away if rubbed with or without window cleaner and such.
This automotive instrument paint assures a lifetime of fade resistant color dials and bezels that stand up to drastic humidity and temperature changes.

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Hi Al.
Thanks for that.
The fibre is a great idea for Suzuki but not too good for a retrofit by people with my skill level and knowledge.
I was just thinking for the DIY route an LED array mounted on top of the windscreen with the electrickery lines run along the edge of the screen under the trim and then into the bike at the headlight area. The line could then be tapped into a suitable place that is common to both turn lights. On the principle you do not need to know which indicator is on - this is just to alert you they are on.
I have never worked with LEDs would a circuit board be required or do you just supply raw 12v and a ground?
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