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Have just over 150 miles on my AN400K4. Have been motoring around the island of Oahu to break it in. Two things stand out as inconvenient: (1) the digital display of odometer and clock are very difficult to read in daylight. Part of the problem, I think, is my face shield that creates additional glare. (2) the turn signal warning system is totally visual. I miss the beeper I had on my 50cc scoot of past. Am slowly getting in the habit of double checking for the flashing lite. The dealer sells a kit that hooks into the fork signals and has a small speaker. Costs only about $12 but I'm going to try to re-pattern my brain to turning off the blinkers after a turn or lane change. :roll:

I love this bike! Today was an exceptionally beautiful day. I passed my motorcycle driver's test in the a.m., did more break-in riding, picked up a sandwich and drink and sat in the shade of a coconut tree on the beach at Waikiki to ogle the babes:oops: :oops: and the waves. We're having unusually big waves this week...45 footers on the North Coast! I relived my childhood today at my favorite surf spot. But this time, instead of a bicycle, I had a Burger. :D
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