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Just because some dealers want to run their scooter sections like a
Sears Catalog Store, it's not the end.

Look at this from the dealers viewpoint for a second:

1. Dealers don't want to add miles onto a bike (scooter or cycle) and
have the DMV paperwork show New with xx miles on the odometer

2. Dealers don't always have a dealer plate for customers or business
insurance that covers loss for a demo ride gone awry.

3. Dealers that don't have gross sales figures comparable to auto sales
dealers have difficulty keeping stock of both Demo along with New units.

4. Dealers don't want to take the chance of having a demo bike with miles
on it, be turned down for a sale because of the odometer.
It costs dealers to buy and insure floor units. They don't want to run
a museum with their own money. Having to take a loss on the sale of a
demo unit is money lost for good.

5. The cost of having a demo bike constantly evaluated for scratches and
dirt, every time the bike returns from a no sale ride costs more money.


Everyone here has bought their Burgy's without knowing in advance how
it handles in actual situations. That's okay.
It sounds like you're getting peer grouped on your choices in the first
place. Tell them to take a dip and go out and get what you want.

My only suggestions would be to make sure your feet are flat on the ground
with either choice. Pull the bike back and forth with the handlebars
to get a feel for its mass right on the showroom floor.
That's all it took me. Don't let pushy friends and sales people steer you
away from what feels right.
The Burgman 400 or 650 Will Not ride smoothly on washboarded dirt
or gravel roads no matter how you demo ride them.
The rest is easy.
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