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I just installed a 3rd generation trike kit on my 650. It is an 06 with only 3500 miles on it.

As many of you already know the previous generation trike kits were sort of a disaster.
While the two kits at first glance seen very similar, the difference between the two is night & day.

The fit and finish of the new kit is remarkably better. The parts are polished, the weld quality is excellent
At all of the stress points there is much more metal. It took a certified mechanic about 4 hours to install the kit. That included the time to remove the old kit.
If you are new to this it will probably take you longer (this was not the mechanics first Yelvington install).

I have only ridden the trike a few hundred miles, it handles quite well.
I think Yelvington has finally got it right.


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