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I would think it Reasonable for Suzuki to REQUIRE its Dealers to Carry a Minimum Level of Basic Parts..

Basic Parts other than Oil Filters should be available without having to wait 7-10 days or Longer.

IMO Basic Parts include:

Key Blanks
Brake Pads
Drive Belts
Body Fasteners/Bolts/Nuts
Brake Lines
Brake Calipers
Brake Rotors

It is NOT unreasonable for them to keep at least ONE of each of these in Stock using the General Rule used by Automobile Dealerships of "Current and Two"...Basic Parts for the Current Model Year and Two Previous Model Years (3 Total) are Mandatory for the Parts Departments.

I had to Wait 3 weeks to get Key Blanks from the West Coast Distribution...they could have been MAILED by First Class in Less Time from Tokyo.

I am without my Burgman for probably the next week because NONE of the 4 Dealers within a Reasonable (40 mile) distance have any Tires in Stock.

Brake Pads are also on Order to be set aside for Future Use.
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