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The following is a Dealer Invoice Report I purchased from
My local dealer is offering a 2003 for $4999 ( plus tax and license $5480 total). For you tough negotiators out there, considering the report below, is it possible (and/or reasonable) to get a better price? They're asking $6799 for a 2003 650.



Dealer Invoice Report

2003 Suzuki Burgman 400
List Price: $5599
Dealer Cost: $4746

Dealer cost includes freight to the dealership.

Assembly Cost: $35 per Suzuki dealer price sheet
Each dealership has its own method of figuring the actual cost of assembly and preparation for sale.

Ready to Sell Cost: $4781

Dealer Holdback: This Suzuki has 3% (of list price) dealer holdback.
Holdback money is paid to Suzuki dealers in September for units that are sold between September 1 and
August 31 of the previous model year. Dealers must pay Suzuki the full "Dealer Cost" price and wait 1 to
12 months after selling the machine to receive their dealer holdback.

Wholesale Incentives: none at this time
Retail Incentives: none at this time

The "Ready to sell cost" is the cost of the machine with NO PROFIT to a dealer. Dealers do not stay in
business very long by selling machines for no profit.

Many dealers charge additional fees for "Freight and Setup" over and above the selling price of the
machine. Add the "Selling Price" to the "Freight and Setup" charges and subtract the "Ready to sell cost" to
determine the PROFIT a dealer is asking to make.

Click Here to View another Dealer Invoice Report

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Welcome to BurgmanUSA. Interesting. I've heard that at many dealerships, more money is generated by the parts, accessories, and service departments than from the sale of new machines. From some of the tales we've heard about $20 oil filters & excessive service bills - I can easily believe that! But even the more honest dealerships make good money from those departments. Of course they'll try to make money on the sale too. But if they need to move a machine that hasn't sold, it's better to let it go for cost and potentially make some money on service & parts as a result of the sale.

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My cost for 400 Burger

Found an 03 leftover and beat up the dealer. 4600 OTD. Just tell them 05's are coming and an 03 is two model years old. Need major discount. I also used the I will do all my service work at your facility. Not! Or maybe I will if they are fair on there 600 mile service price. If not, LATER
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