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I think it's extremely poor leadership that a thread "enclave" was generated for users who mount or desire to mount a car tire to discuss the topic freely with full immunity from any alternate opinions AND the appropriate thread was locked where said topic was debated.

I don't see any similar enclaves for other ideas.

If a topic is too heated (and I personally feel there should be NONE too heated) - it should be added to the BUSA banned list; e.g., guns, religion, and politics. Those topics have "old" arguments too.

I've lost a little respect for the moderators.

I don't expect a response. I don't expect a discussion. I do expect to feel better that I've said my peace for the record.

Have a pleasant day. :thumbup:

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You are more than welcome to start a topic where you can debate the pros and cons. :) Just don't do it in that thread where they are trying to share info on what works for them.

The 400 sections of the forum have a few darkside threads. For some reason, they never got heated. No one has had to ask them to back down and I don't think any of those have been locked. The 400 members discuss it, make their decision and drop it.

I think if you take a poll of the one admin who cares about what happens here (NormanB) and the other moderators, they'll tell you that there is nothing pleasant about reading through posts where people keep arguing amongst each other...and not in a friendly manner. Several members who like to stir the pot ;) , know just how to do so without crossing the line of a personal attack...but wow, it is close. :roll:

I generally leave the topic alone and only drop in to read some posts in the 650 darkside threads every couple weeks. I have no opinion either for or against using a car tire. And I don't own a 650. It's like wading through a swimming pool full of molasses to get through them. I feel mentally exhausted as I try to uphold my responsibility as a moderator after reading that thread. And I'm sure the other moderators feel the same way.

When criticizing the way the forum is run, please keep in mind that every one of an unpaid volunteer. When the forum ownership changed, several of us thought about quitting. But we stuck around because our motivation is to help the members...and the ownership didn't change that.

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