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Hi All,

Just a quick road report on my ride this week. I decided it was time to take a little adventure. I wanted to ride to some unique areas, and camp out doors like I did when younger. Turns out it was just as much fun now as it was over 25 years ago.

I left Indiana and traveled South down 135 making my way to Madison Indiana. The river crossing at Madison was interesting because there were two bridges under construction, and a detour. Once across, I did my best to get back on my route. Getting lost is Kentucky is a lot of fun, and a GPS means you are never lost for long. Kentucky's rural roads are in near perfect condition, with nice pavement and properly cambered curves. What they don't have is the usual signage, which is true of almost all the roads in the state. Local knowledge is key, unlike Indiana which has fair at best roads, but signage about every mile. Ohh well it is an adventure for sure.

I had the Burgy loaded down with my gear and had set my pre-load to #4. (I should have set it to #5 for the best handling, but it wasn't bad.) I also was on the last treads of my OEM Hoop. It lasted 8500 miles, I changed it out today after returning home last night. One thing about packing the Burgman, that weight in the trunk makes it top heavy, especially when pushing it around parking, and in camp. Just about lost it three times while walking it about.

Some roads worth considering in KY 1226 (detour around 36 which was closed). Very very curvy.

355 beautiful country road.

227 takes you to places like Stamping Ground, and Fat Boy BBQ. How can you go wrong. Some of the horse farms are a sight to behold. Everything is manicured for miles and miles.

77 nice wooded road, where the NADA tunnel and a fantastic mountain spring with the best drinking water just West of the tunnel. Stop and get refreshed.

I drove at or below the speed limit on all these back roads, an only passed when safe to do so.

Once you start heading into the foothills, expect technical riding, and watch for slow trucks (very few), fast trucks (a lot). I went on Thursday and Friday to miss the crowds, and it was like I had the roads to my self until coming to a town. I found all the people very nice, fun, and accommodating. A ranger and manager at the Buckhorn Resort, help me find the Buckhorn camp ground when I was lost at the end of the day. Super nice people.

Once you get out in the country don't expect to find many Motels and such. I packed enough food to last two days, and only used one days worth.

Best camping food, Coleman single cup Colombian Blend Premium Coffee. It was delicious after a damp night with light showers, and me sleeping on a picnic table in a sleeping bag.

Best camping gear, (tie) Sterno stove, and OFF backwoods bug spray. Only one bite the whole trip.

Well I will close with my trip down 160 to Lynch KY, a mining town with a rich history. It is nestled in a small valley, and you feel like you are back in the 40s (even though I never was). Head on up to Black MTN, the tallest place in KY, and if you are lucky, like I was, you might encounter a black bear.

I had a full grown one bounce in front of me on the down hill ride from Black MTN, within 30 feet. He skipped over the guard rail and I pulled over and watched him saunter on down the hill. The highlight of my trip for sure. Having gown up in Tennessee and the area, I have never seen one in the wild before, and I have tried.

Here are some pictures to spice it up a little. Re sized for web viewing.

Have a great Memorial weekend.


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Almost forgot the stats.

Miles 886 in two days.
Bead seat so cool
Home made wind shield lip works great and removable
bike Issues NONE!

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It was a lot of fun. I was hoping my brother could meet up from TN, but his son just graduated from Tech ,and they are busy. I would like to do the Natchez Trace next.

I also have a ride planed for Sep. 11 the, scooting the Ozarks. Taking the wife and scooter in the truck for that one, she doesn't ride, :?

Thanks for the maxi scoot link.
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