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How well does the Corbin seat perform/compare?:

Greengoose, the founder of this site, did a very full report on the Corbin.

To be fair though, keep in mind - there have been folks that have been more than satisfied with the company and the service/sales communication, and have raved about them, yet there have been customers not so pleased with some of the Corbin sales staff and the Corbin purchase experience as a whole. Seems as though the west coast office is a bit more customer friendly than the Florida office - (in general).

One important factor to consider when thinking about a complete seat upgrade such as the Corbin, is that Corbin seems to be the only supplier of custom seats that use their own seat pans - thereby not forcing the purchaser to unbolt and disconnect, and relinquish their stock saddle into the mail/UPS system and wait around for weeks (~3 +/-), seat-less and basically Burgman-less, while the original seat gets customized. No down time in many peoples eyes, is a factor worth considering. And when it's done, delivered, and your new Corbin seat is bolted on, you still have your original seat waiting on standby if you feel as though you need to send the Corbin back to get tweaked "a little bit here and a little bit there". As long as it's within 12 months - Corbin only asks that you pay the return shipping to them (which can be substantial - save the original packing materials). They will do your requested mods, and send it back asap without any additional charge - sometimes with a completely new leather outer wrapper.

Remember, and this is pretty important, the Corbin needs a break-in period, say maybe a few thousand miles. It is very firm when new. Corbin offers a wide variety of pipeing, stitch patterns, colors, and accessories.

They are pricey - about $449 for just the basic seat, and an additional $239 for one additional "standard oval" backrest - but are still comparable, price-wise to the other "big two" and well, they have a bit of "bling factor" because almost all other riders will see that it's "a Corbin" (because the logo is stitched into the side of the leatherwork) - and well, that's pretty cool, and maybe worth the price premium for some people.

One last note about the Corbin. When it first came out for the Burgman, it was offered in one size only. It was rather large, and offered copious amounts of leg and arm room. About a year or so later they came out with another version of the seat, and referred to it as "the close version". From there on out they were talked about by the size...a "long version" (original design), and/or the "close version". The newer close version basically emulated the standard stock seat's reach-dimentions as if the butt-bumper had been removed. The original "long version" could make a 6 footer feel like they were 7 years old again saying "vroom vroom" behind the wheel of their Mom's station wagon/estate while trying to reach the pedals! :wink: Now they only supply the "close version" but, if you ask, the template for the old long version may be employed - if you ask. The original long was great for our 7 footers. The (not so great) web site for Corbin Burgman seats can be found here.

For the 400, BillMeek recently got a Corbin for his 400 and you can read about his comments at the end of the thread HERE

For the 650, read Ray Nielson's review and Ray Nielson's review (con't)
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