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Someone else had posted the foldable cup holder idea and it seemed easy enough. So if you search for Marine Plastic Foldable Drink Holder, New, Black, on ebay or other site of your choice, you can add it to your Burgman 650 pretty easily via the screw that holds the tunnel cover on. Cost was $6 roughly.

You will need a new 3/16" x 1 inch screw as the original screw will no longer be long enough. Now the thing mounts upside down but that didn't bother me since you are adapting it for a purpose it wasn't intended for. I think I will put some snarky sticker over the base to hid it. Drill a hole in the "top" that will be the bottom until the screw passes through it. Screw it down and voila! you have a cup holder that folds out of the way when you don't need it.


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