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Cowl-mounted mirror mod

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Anyone manage to install mirrors on the cowl? Sort of like my old 2005 concours. Would involve new mirrors + some futzing around. 馃槑
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I thought of a GSXR so looked up mirrors for those on eBay. There are a lot of inexpensive options (also with turn signals) that might work if there is something solid enough to bolt them to.
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鈽 I miss my Conc, it was dammit gold... yes that's the idea
Maybe using the RAM ball mount mirrors like itchyboots uses. Just find a way to mount a ball on the cowl and boom, done.

various options on amazon, some cheaper...
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Maybe using the RAM ball mount mirrors like itchyboots uses. Just find a way to mount a ball on the cowl ...
Maybe something like this.
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I think it's an interesting idea but I think you'll have to build some kind of internal structure. I don't know of any real solid places to mount anything that would not interfere with a sweep of The Handlebar.

Most of the surfaces don't seem real solid but I could be missing something. There are adhesives mount balls but I don't know if I would trust them or not. Or if I would trust the plastic they were mounted to

Additionally most of the mounting places would be fairly low.
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You'd definitely want to do some "engineering" first. My Givi screen has metal brackets that might work as a mounting point. Although this may be getting away from the style he was wanting as it's more sport bike and less Concours.
EXACTLY! I'm not as worried about mounting them, as finding the mirrors. 馃槑 Sounds like a good winter project.
those look nice on the red burgman but geez thats wide. curious if it needs some sheet metal on the back for support so there isnt flexing>cracks
I asked swmbo about futzing around an putting mirrors on a cow, she threatened to break every bone in my body and scratch my bike windscreen
Yes that is kinda wide 馃槓
Yes would need added metal stuff behind that red cover to hold the mirrors.
This project was originally done by ScooterBear (Scooterbear) over 10 years ago. I was intrigued to the point of buying OEM Hayabusa mirrors to replicate it on my 2008 Burgy (that's a 2007 shown). I never got any real information about the actual "how-to" and they have since gotten rid of it. This is what they had to say about it: "I remember to put the holes in the plastic we made a template of the base of the mirrors and placed that in position and marked the holes with a felt tipped pen. You need to take the plastic off to check what is underneath first, you may even find a spot that will allow extra bracing for the mirrors." Never said anything about it being too wide. Needless to say not having any real instructions as to how to accomplish the mounting, I could never muster the courage to drill holes in the cowl to find out how it would work. Good luck to any who try. If someone does accomplish it satisfactorily I still have the mirrors in the box. 馃榾
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that a shortened stock windscreen in the pic?
It appears so. But, again, I have limited info on what was actually done to this scooter. ScooterBear is from Australia, so they may look that way normally there. Like the OP, I was looking to do something different with my '08 Burgy and ran across ScooterBear's post 10 years ago. I would have loved to see it in person, it's as if they were trying for something like this -
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