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Couldn't do the 650

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I went to a dealer today to buy a 2012 Burg 650 Exec. I got to the dealer and went to back little room where "those" machines were. No worries about any sales people bothering me when I was in that room. They had a 2012 400 and a 2012 650. Sat on the 650. Ergos okay. Controls fine. I see where people complain about the 12v socket though. Looking good. Then I tried to move it. I know I could use some gym time, but golly, I could barely move that thing on carpet. I'm buying a scoot because of arthritis, tendonitis, and back pain. This thing would kill me if I ever had to push it anywhere. Even jockeying around a parking space would tax me on back up. Then I tried the 400. Easy breezy. No problem moving that around at all. What a difference. But I didn't want the 400. So I left that dealer and went to another dealer that had a Honda Silverwing. I had already owned 2 of those. Cut a deal and now I'm on Silverwing #3. I look forward to the 2013 or 2014 Burg 650's. If they improve that problem, I'll be looking at them again. Thanks everyone for all input on this forum. It's a great resource and I will be back again.
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In the three+ years I've had a 650 never once thought to try that lol. Gives me something else to try out today now that ive got something to try it on.
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