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Corbin seat for 650

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Take a look at and you'll see the seat I had made for my 650. I wanted something that looked as stock as possible, as I find the bike itself to be attractive enough without adding piping and stitching.

In fact, they mistakenly added the backrest notch behind the driver's seat, which will be removed when they repair the tear in the back, also shown on the site.

All in all, the seat is stiffer and taller than its predecessor, which takes some getting used to. The backrest is terrific for the passenger, as I can now squire about my 9 and 11 year old children without worrying about them falling off the back.

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Mind me asking how much you gave for the custom Corbin seat?
The seat itself was $500, and the backrest was $200. Pricey indeed, but the quality is considerable. (The tear was included at no charge!)

I originally ordered an OEM backrest from Oneida Suzuki but returned it before having it installed. Couldn't stomach the idea of drilling holes in the Burgman to add another piece of cheap plastic.
Pappy also had a tear in the first Corbin seat he received. They seem to be having a problem with final inspection - or careless handling in the shipping department. Very unlike them. Just curious - was the box damaged? Just wondering if the damage occurred during shipping.
Not much difference from their retail price. Thanks Joe.
The box was not damaged at all. In fact the seat was packed very securely. But there it was, a torn seat, as well as the backrest notch that wasn't supposed to be there.

But Corbin has been very nice about fixing it all.
Monday was perfect riding weather. I asked my wife if she'd like to go for a ride with me. She said yes. I asked if she'd prefer the Burgman or the V-Strom. She picked the V-Strom. Why? Turned out to be mostly a seat issue. She doesn't like that long passenger portion of the Burgman 650 seat because she tends to slide forward when I brake.

Thinking quickly, I pointed out that the V-Strom has a Corbin seat, and the Kawasaki Concours that I had before it also had a Corbin seat (she liked riding on that bike too). I mentioned that Corbin now makes a seat for the scooter, that solves that problem. I acknowledged that I couldn't afford it right now, but perhaps I could swing it for next season. She seemed very receptive toward that idea. :hello1:

Just want her to be comfortable ya know... :wink:
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Way to go Paul. Of course, you're own comfort never entered into it. You were only just thinking of her. :roll:
billmeek said:
Way to go Paul. Of course, you're own comfort never entered into it. You were only just thinking of her. :roll:
:angel5: :lol:
To be specific

The seat was $479 and the backrest was $199.

No stitch pattern. No welts. Black leather seating with black sides.
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