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magyver said:
Here is something to consider. BMW found out that the rear drive tempature went down when they increased the size of the hole in the rear axle. So you say what has that got to do with a Burgman?
In case you don't know a 650 Burgman has a hollow rear axle but Suzuki went and blocked off the one end with that plastic cover. If you drill a hole in the cover some air is bound to go through to reduce the temp of the rear drive and bearings. What might be even better would be a small foward facing air scoup to direct the air into the axle. Any thoughts?
Interesting idea. I would agree with Allwalk concerning the forward facing scoop. Maybe a rearward facing "scoop" cut to pull a vacuum as wind passes it would pull cool air in from the opposite end of the axle accomplishing the same purpose (though at a slower rate maybe) .
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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