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Suzuki's big single,the S40

I always liked the looks and sound of a thumper. I presently ride a Burgman 650.
While reading one of the national bike magazines I was surprised to find how deficient it was to the Burgman 650. The Suzuki S40 is considerably lighter with a larger engine yet it is lacking in almost all the things I like in the Burgman 650.
Such as a higher top speed, no vibration at cruising speed, loads of storage, protection from the weather ETC.

I got back into riding three years ago and bought a smaller scooter as my age was such as to limit me from riding a bicycle. I'm 82. I tried sitting on the new Honda automatic. Even with the low seat I had trouble throwing my leg over it.

I think my Burgy will be my last ride. It fulfils all my requirement for a fine riding machine.
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