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i'm the skootertrash from tulie n.m. got my 650 burgman aug. 29 been to california & back two up with luggage. got 5800 miles onit.i guess this will go to who ru where r u from. not real good with a computer, but i can ride.
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Hey there Skootertrash! Welcome to the site. You say you travelled with luggage, please tell us more. Do you have saddlebags, hardcases, or just a good ole pile of bungees?

allwalk, i have a set of nelson-rigg expandable soft bags. they will hold alot. we carried about 4 days worth of clothes. since we have cordura riding suits, i don't have to carry rainsuits. the burgermiester performed flawlessly. more than once we were cruising at 90 mph. lots of wind out west, but irarely felt the bike move. much better than my 800 intruder. one interesting part of the trip was hwy.191 in eastern arizona. very tight curves. i now have extra clearance ground on the center stand. the guys that wonder about the lean angle, you will grind the center stand, and still have "chickenstrips" on the tires. this bike is just a super fun touring rig. i think i averaged 48 mpg. lots of 65-90 cruising. we also did some parts of old route 66. now, i have a question, does anybody know if you can get tires other than the bridgestones? i have been riding bikes for 40+ years, i like metzlers,avons,dunlop,pirrelli & continentals, but have had wear issues with bridgestones. my knees are shot, so i traded a zrx1200r & an sv650 for my burgman & couldn't be happier.
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That sounds great Skooter. Do you happen to have a pic of those expandable bags? If no pic , could you supply a link so i could learn more about them. Where do you have them fastened to the bike? The traditional position or over the hump?

allwalk, they go over the seat, or thats the way i had them on. they have velcro straps about 2 inches wide & 18 inches long. i will see if i kind find the site for them. cool looking bike you have there.

allwalk, try this,
Thanks again for the help Skooter. Another item to check out at the upcoming bike shows( $900 hiding in an envelope, im gonna have fun :D )

In regards to your tire question I started a thread basically asking the same thing. 1 response so far says that they believe Pirelli make tires to fit the Burg, and there cheaper than the bridgestones. This tip needs looking into.
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