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Concerns over "Glitches"

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As a new member to this group I have read daily over different postings of various " glitches" that have been discussed over both the Burgman and Silverwing models.

I have read consistently about the " dieseling" sound of the Burgman on this forum and about the " squealing belt" and "rear drive leaks" of the Silverwing forum.

Both are very noticeable postings so it appears that "every" owner is at least somewhat aware of these.

I do not presently own either but find that I have become very interested in the models but must say that I have now reserved any real purchase since I see constant threads about the problems and ( in most cases) the lack or response on a real " fix" to their problems.

I understand that these are relatively " new" designs and are complicated in their parts. Any new models/designs are usually going to encounter production problems and with more parts/complexity of these bikes it can cause " a problem" to sometimes be over discussed ,even if one member makes note of something.

I read constant threads about the pleasure/satisfaction of riders owning their Burgmans so they seem to be great bikes. I read more of their positive notes rather than their negative ones.

My concern is the investment of several thousand dollars for a Burgman
if it has this " problem area" and the manufacturer has not taken some forward steps to correct them.

My question is if owners are pleased with their purchase and the bike's performance as a whole? Would you purchase again knowing of these areas of concern? Or to wait till "new models" hopefully correct a problem?

Thank you,

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Hey Dennis first off welcome to the board. As an owner of the 650 Burger I can tell you that the dieseling noise is not really a big issue. Now granted I havent put as many clicks on mine as many others have put on theres, I can still assure you that I would purchase mine all over again. Another note seeing how Honda Canada have'nt deemed the Silverwing worthy of introducing to the Canadian Market for some reason, may indicate that the teething problems they are encountering are more serious than the Burgs. Or simply they dont think there is a market here for them. I must also note that Suzuki Canada sold every Burgman unit that they brought into Canada last year. This was quoted to me at the Toronto Motorcycle show by the Suzuki representatives. The Suzuki rep also told me that out of all the bikes that they sold that the most favorable response or satisfied owners came from the Burgman buyers. Good Luck in your search for a machine! Feel free to ask any more questions.
Hi Dennis: here's another 'welcome' to the forum.

Nearly every single motorcycle out there will carry an 'issue.' This is most especially the case for the first-year model bikes. There will always be something to complain about or some 'imperfection' that owners wish weren't there. Some are serious while others are either 'annoying' or 'something not serious, but better without.'

The issue of the Diesel sound, I suppose most will agree, falls under the latter category. It's something that is not serious, although we all wish it didn't have to be there.

Unless it is a very picky owner who hates noises, the diesel sound is 'just there' and certainly not to the point of being 'UNBEARABLE' to most owners. I don't even notice it now, since I am more busy wanting to RIDE IT!! I am under the impression that most owners share the sentiment as I do which is:

"The pleasure and benefits of owning and riding the Burgman far far far outweigh the Diesel sound."

To answer your question: I do not have a single regret on purchasing the Burgman. It is a joy to own, Diesel or not - I would do it all over again, if brought back in time knowing wjat I know now. Heck, I'd even buy it sooner than when I did.
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Dennis, I have owned both a 650 and a SW. The 650 is a nicer bike. The dieseling noise is over rated in my opinion. I did not hear it after a short period of owning it. It only does it with you are idling and most the time I was going, not idling. Both are good bikes, but the 650 is a little nicer. Good luck making your decision.
Hey Dennis, The Burgy is a great bike. My wife has about 1800 miles on her Burgy and loves it. I ride a GoldWing and the Burgy doesn’t even strain to keep up. As we are new riders and somewhat conservative, don't think we will ever get into the triple digits on the Spedo with either but we have had them up in the 80's on the interstate. I love Honda's but I think the Burgman is a better bike and gives you more value for the $$$$. Don't be concerned about the dieseling. I have a 97 RAM Diesel Dulley and the Burgman is much much quieter. LOL
Well all I can say is the only prolbem that I have with the burgman is speeding, the dieseling sound is not that big of a deal and I am a very picky person. I have found it to be a awsum bike and would buy it again in a second

I have an '03 with 3600 mi. I have a friend who has an '03 with 1800. :D He claims to hear a "dieseling" sound. :? Actually, it sounds to me (on my 17th motorcycle) like a parallel twin at idle, just like mine does. :wink:

Candidly, mine sounds the same to me as it did the day I bought it with 2.7 mi showing on the odometer. Now, I don't want to get folks all stirred up, but I wonder if the folks who hear dieseling would notice if the B'man had loud pipes. Let's face it. The thing is so quiet, what else is there to hear?
Hello Dennis and hello @ all,

Well the writers before me have covered most of the main issues about owning a Burgman.

Just like this forum we have a similar one here in Germany - in a recent survey all without exception stated they would buy their Burgmen again.
In the summer of 2002 when the Burgman appeared on the show room floors - all the orders placed prior to this were done on the basis of pictures, no one had seen or test driven one up to that point including myself. The Burgman is a technical synthesis of many things - it is a real pleasure to ride and each trip endorses this feeling to the extent you can't wait to get on it again.
If it weren’t minus centigrade degrees outside right now I would be out on it.

It's price wise in the upper league - you could buy some motor bike for the same price - but then you would have a Burgman with all it's features
weather protection, storage space, and an automatic transmission with tiptronic features of a Porsche, road handling that matches it's speed, excellent brakes, lights that turn night into day!!! It also has definite unique design qualities about it - looks good, it's not just another machine in the parking lot. I get all sorts of people coming up asking what is it - how fast can it go (ah I remember just after the war I used to ride a. . . . ), it conjures up feelings in people, it's different.

Here's wishing you all a super week. :D
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Great Scoot!!

Dennis, not to sound repetitious....but the Burg 650 is a great ride. My personal regret....I went with an Atlantic 500, first. The Burg wasn't available at the, I took a loss, but gained a great ride....except, now it's on the 12 inches of snow over the weekend.
Well, in the meantime, have a great suggestion....if you could acquire at least a 20 minute test ride on a may help in your final decision. Good luck!! :)

i got my 650 burger aug. 29. i now have over 6000 miles on it. as for the dieseling, how much time do you plan on sitting around idling? i haven't had one problem.
:D In my opinion, 99.9% of we Maxi-scooter owners came off of Motorcycles of all kinds, from tourers, crotch-rockets, cruiser, dirt bikes, dual-sports and standards but just wanted to try something different for a change! I've had every type and brand of Motorcycle you can think of, toured and cruised all over the USA and rocketed down the roads at 160mph more times than I care to admit and raced in many organized dirt competitions all over California and Mexico but I've never truly had more fun than on my Burgman 650!! FUN is what it's all about isn't it! The dieseling sound is just there and just like the most expensive diesel Mercedes, the noise goes away at 5 mph on up! I have yet to let one of my friends or aquaintences ride this Burgman that they didn't come back just incredulous about the power, speed, handling. wind protection and brakes! They absolutely can't believe it! A lot of them because of their own self image and inflated EGO wouldn't actually own thir own Maxi-Scooter, but privately they LOVE it! I can make just as good time on this Burgman on the many beautiful country roads in and around the Ozarks than I can on my new Ducati 900SS and without a sore butt!! Take care, Sam
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