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Computer Avg MPG - not accurate

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I have had 2 fuel ups since I bought the bike and both of the avg MPG displayed were way off.

The 1st fill up, the computer showed 62.0 and it actually averaged out at 70 MPG with mostly highway miles riding back from Milwaukee to Illinois.

The 2nd fill up showed 54.5 MPG, but the actual was only 42.6. Mostly in town riding with my wife.

Has anyone else noticed this on their rides?
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If you do want an accurate MPG, you should always fill the same way and to the same level. I put mine up on the center stand and give the bike a little shake when the fuel nears the top of the tank. The filler port has a neck that extends down into the tank a little that will trap air and prevent you from really filling the tank. I usually shake and fill to completely top off the tank if I fill right before I'm going to use that extra fuel. If I'm just fueling and then putting the bike away, I'll leave some room in the tank for expansion of the fuel.

I've never filled while the bike was on the sidestand because it looks like the tank wouldn't hold as much while leaned over like that. I could be wrong though as the lean isn't all that much and I'm unaware of the actual shape of the fuel tank.

I don't recall ever having the MPG gauge on the cluster be "optimistic" and report a higher value than what I calculated though. Usually it's within about 2-4 MPG for me.
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