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Computer Avg MPG - not accurate

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I have had 2 fuel ups since I bought the bike and both of the avg MPG displayed were way off.

The 1st fill up, the computer showed 62.0 and it actually averaged out at 70 MPG with mostly highway miles riding back from Milwaukee to Illinois.

The 2nd fill up showed 54.5 MPG, but the actual was only 42.6. Mostly in town riding with my wife.

Has anyone else noticed this on their rides?
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My 08 400 has always been inaccurate and reads low by 3-5 MPG every time I check it. I have never found it to show a lower MPG that I actually got. With the small tank and high MPG, a small difference in filling the tank will show a large difference in MPG. You need to check the actual mileage over several tanks.
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