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Copied from the Knowledgebase. Page last modified on Monday 05 of September, 2011 08:11:22 CDT by Colchicine. Terminology

ABS: Antilock Braking System

ATGATT: All The Gear All The Time; An acronym used by riders for their personal preference for riding with protective apparel that covers all body contact points including helmet, gloves, boots, and armored jackets and pants.

Bump: A technique of posting to a dormant thread solely to push the thread back to the top of the forum in order to get renewed attention.

BUSA: Burgman USA

Butt Stop: The "backrest" that is so low on the back, that it performs more of a buttstop function than a backrest.

Chicken Strips: The band of unused tire on the outer edges that is an indicator of the rider's typical lean angle. Those that are too "chicken" to lean the bike hard, will have larger chicken strips.

Cage: A car. The term refers to not only how a car encloses a driver in cage, which counters the open feeling of being on a motorcycle, but also how some drivers feel invincible while driving in their protective cage with numerous safety advances that seemingly allows them to drive safely while distracted or take reckless risks on the road.

CT: Car Tire (See Darkside)

CVT: Continuously Variable Transmission

Darkside: Using a car tire on a motorcycle. It's use is so controversial that the term "Darkside" was used as a way of acknowledging the controversial nature.

Dino: A comical reference to conventional oil; Presumably made by the decomposition of Dinosaurs.

Exec: Executive model of the 650.

Farkle: An accessory added to a motorcycle.

Halfabusa: A play on words, using the the Suzuki Hayabusa sport bike (1300cc) and the Burgman 650, which is exactly half the engine displacement of former. Some 650 owners had applied stickers to their bike with "Halfabusa" and the Japanese symbol.

K#: Like in K3 thru K9. An abbreviated model year designation, where K9 is a 2009 Model. Layer models were L0-L18 (2010-2018)

Lardy: A term of endearment for the seemingly overweight 650 MC Motorcycle

OEM: Original Equipment Manufacture; in this case, a part that comes from Suzuki.

OP: Original Poster- the one that started a particular thread.

OT: Off Topic- used to admit when the poster is going off the topic of the particular thread.

Pillion: The passenger seat of a motorcycle.

PM: Private Message - The user-to-user messaging system on the BurgmanUSA Forums

SECVT: Suzuki Electronic Continuously Variable Transmission; the proprietary name for Suzuki's version of the 650's CVT.

Squid: aka "zoom-splat". Stupid and Quick Until I'm Dead. A young, inexperienced sport bike rider, seemingly unaware of his lack of abilities and his likelihood of crashing in a single vehicle accident.

Tupperware: A humorous name for the plastic body panels surrounding the Burgmans, as it distantly resembles the plastic of the ubiquitous Tupperware containers.

WOT: Wide Open Throttle

WS: Wind Shield

WTB: Want To Buy - abbreviation used in the Classified
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