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Well fellow Burgermiesters, I commited the unforgivable sin.......I have
really missed the sound, the shifting, and overall personality of a
motorcycle for some time now, so, I traded in my 400 for the evil
twin, the motorcycle!!
I now have a Honda Shadow Spirit 750 that I am adding a bunch of
upgrades to, just as I did to my 400. The 400 is a great scoot, but as
hard as I tried, it just never satisfied my particular longings.
Heres the good news, they gave me $4500 on trade in which I thought
was quite good, so it looks like the resale is holding up pretty good.

Now that I'm back on the other side and must now leave this forum, I
must say that I have enjoyed very much being a part of this forum and
getting to know several of you. Bryan is running a quality site with quality
people who care.
I wish everybody the best of everything.....keep the shiny side up and the
dirty side down! God Bless....

Gib McKain

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i have always felt that one mc can't do it all. That is why I have the Burgman and Bandit. They serve different functions. However, they both make me smile


See ya Gib

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Eddie's right:

One bike can't do it all. Which is why I still have my 1975 Hodaka. When I get the urge I fire it up and hit the cow trails. Actually, down here they are more likely to be undocumented alien (UDA) trails.

Then, when I get back on the Burgman, it's so silky smooth I can't believe it.

Good luck with your bike. When you get the Burgman yen again, consider the 650. Bet you'll keep it.

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Oh gona miss you

Hello Gib,

Sure gona miss you then. I guess the 400 wasn't filling your gut withthose feelings that keep one attached to their machine. Good luck Gib and thanks for your insights. Timothy

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Yup, I can relate, too.
The DR is good for a smile once in a while. :)

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Gib, nice choice. The girlfriend is looking at buying a Shadow Slasher (Spirit) next year before she gets an X4.

I own far to many motorcycles as I too feel that no one motorcycle can reach the parts that other motorcycles can reach - that's why I have more than one both here and back in England:

Here in Japan:
RVF 750/RC45 - classic endurance racer
X11 - 160bhp musclebike
Forza (Relfex) 250 - best looking, most comfortable way around town
Skywave (Burgman) 650 - tandem tourer

In UK:
RVF 400 - classic endurance replica
Aprilia SR125 - city commuter

Take care

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I just joined here, so I don't know you. Kind of funny though as I just this week sold my Shadow and bought a Burgman. I was tired of shifting and wanted something easier to handle, yet with more power than my Helix. The Burgman definitely does all that and more!

The Shadow's are nice, but they really are quite slow. The top end on them is about 80 and perhaps 85 if your really running good. They are just
comfortable cruisers. Very reliable of course.

Well, I guess we all have different "itches". :)

Best wishes,

Neil K.
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