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I just performed the first service on my own yesterday, and between getting ready with all the tools, feeling my way through the whole process for the first time, removing/replacing plastics, test ride, cleaning-up and everything else, it took me over 3 hours.

I have performed all oil changes on my old bike before (gsxr) and the WHOLE process (getting ready, removing/replacing plastics etc) would take me about 35 minutes after I got used to it. So doing an oil change on a motorcycle is not anything new to me, but here are some notes I'd like to share (especially for just the regular enthusiast or novice mechanic) and also I have a question for our more experienced members:

1) It is great to perform your own service on your bike, especially for the Burgman, because of the cost a dealer would charge you for the first service. My local dealer, who as of yet has NEVER performed a first service on the Burgman was charging me an 'estimate' of US$140 MINIMUM for it. I have heard of Burgman 650 owners paying well over $US200 for the first service (that is just ridiculous). My total cost was:

- about 3.5 hours of my time
- US$20 for Motul 10w40 4-stroke Motorcycle Oil, 4 litres
- US$14 for OEM Oil Filter from dealer
- US$7 for Bel-Ray Hypoid Gear Oil (1 Litre)

Tools etc:

- Screwdrivers (both kinds)
- Oil Filter wrench (I have the same one from my old bike, paid about US$7 for it at dealer a couple of years ago)
- Metric Socket wrench & bits
- Metric Allen wrenches
- Owner Manual
- Service Manual (I downloaded from Cassola a few months ago).
- Kitty Litter or Sand to absorb the spilled oil
- Oil Bucket/catch pan (a big one)
- Floor mat (you will be on your back a lot)
- a funnel
- some rags

2) I learned that opposed to other motorcycles, you will have to change the oil on the Burgman on 3 different spots areas (versus just one for most other bikes): the Main Engine, the Transmission, and the Final Gear. Well, the owner's Manual only tells you how to do the oil and filter change on the Main Engine. It DOES NOT tell you how to perform the oil changes in the other two. Good thing I downloaded the Service Manual, I printed out the appropriate pages and use these as guides.

3) Performing the Oil and Filter change in the main engine was relatively easy, basic and straightforward. Only one plastic to remove. The only thing that really stood out is the fact that the Oil Drain hole is horizontal and that hot oil will spew-out horizontally and far, and it suprised me. Needless to say I was surprised by this and yes it was a bleeding mess, that sucked and I hated the mess.

4) Next: Transmission Oil Change. This is where I hit the road block. WHERE IS IT? I knew I had to remove the plastics but 'figuring it out' was no easy task. The Service Manual DOES NOT indicate which plastics to remove (floor board, or lower cover or both). On top of this, the Service Manual I downloaded did not have pictures clear enough to indicate exactly what dummies like me should do. I skipped this part for now and went with step #3 which was to change the Final Gear Oil.

5) Changing the Final Gear Oil was super easy and straight-forward, the Service Manual really helped. It was wierd having to reload the Oil in there from a Horizontal angle opening, but this was super easy, and done in about 10 minutes.

6) Back to the Transmission Oil Change. After much flipping though the Manual (going back and forth from your PC to the bike is no fun), I was wishing I had just purchased the real Service Manual I could have on my hands right beside the bike. I could not figure out how to remove the lower plastic until I realized that there is a rubber piece 'floor mat' that when removed reveals the necessary bolts that needed to be removed. Well this whole process SUCKED. Why? Because the pictures on my Service Manual were not clear enough and once I had removed the correct plastic (the lower-left) I couldn't really figure out which of the bolts is where I need to put the Oil into. I had easily found the drain, but the input is where I was, and still am stumped.

So that is my experience with the first service: with the exception of the Transmission Oil change, it was pretty easy and I can do it in about 1/2 hour next time (including everything: prepping, cleaning/packing up etc), but my problem was and still is: HOW DO I CHANGE THE TRANSMISSION OIL?? Hopefully someone more experienced than me can help me out there and pictures will really help too. ( I tried checking the link on another thread here pointing to a how-to over at the Yahoo Groups, but the link no longer works).

The whole experience was fun anyways, and I am happy that I don't have to pay any theives too much to change my oil.

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Re: trans oil

Jim said:
Same deal here, however me and others found a way to cheat. Drain the trans. oil, and refill through the oil level hole (about 3/4 qt.) till it runs out. No taking off plastic or anything. The oil fill hole is really in a bad spot. I fill using a squirt oil can (about 2 fills is required) or get a flexible hose and a small funnel.

Good Luck
That's great - I will definitely look into that -- thanks!! :D
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