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Saturday I went to the mc show in Cleveland. Packed as usual. The cruiser crowd was out in full colors and bandanas. Now on to the show.

I saw the Majesty for the first time. A total disappointment. It was very uncomfortable. To be blunt, nothing special about it.

At the Suzuki area, not a rep to be found. Therefore no new info to share.

The Piaggio area was packed. I liked the Beverly. Neat scooter.

At the Honda area, i was captivated by a white ST1300 until I realized it was a police bike.

the Burgman would be cool in white.

There was no Pirelli reps so I couldn't ask about the front tires for the 650.

There is a scooter shop in Ceveland that caters to the traditional scooter crowd. I spoke to the owner, Phil Waters about doing a tire change on my 650 this summer (assuming warm weather ever comes). Phil indicated there was a new affordable tire coming for the 650. I'll keep all of you posted.

I was disappointed in BMW in that they didn't bring a new R1200ST.

Lastly, Valentino Rossi's Yamaha was way cool. Although scary. Afterall, I'm a semi old fart.
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